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Infectious smile impressed people with a good image



Infectious smile impressed people with a good image


This world has become very fast paced and people are quick to make judgement or jump into conclusions at the first sight.

Zeng Haoyue came up this idea with teeth whiting business to meet the needs of teens, women and men about their beauty concern of appearance. She is a 21 years old Chinese from faculty of modern language and communication,studying in University Putra Malaysia.

She labours with her teeth whiting product which called beautiful, selling to customers back home in China through wechat, a well-known social media application among Chinese. She has worked part time for the past two years as an online saleswomen, she inspired by her sister at the beginning, then she bought some from her sister and started to sale online. As a freelance retail consultant, she is glued to her phone and tablet, using the messaging app WeChat to build a network of more than 300 clients who are interested in her product.

“In the beginning I just had my friends and my aunties to buy this teeth whiting product, Then I wanted to build a platform to show my product to more people in order to provide more people with a sense of confidence. What I mean here is the white teeth can encourage us with a confident feeling when you talk to people or smile to them. As we all know, smiling has a number of benefits, including helping you present a more-positive image to others, calming you, and actually making you feel happier.” Other than the product she serves to her customer, she serves them a better life attitude.

This is the teeth whiting product she selling
Zeng Haoyue is holding the product to show how it works

By doing online sales,she is looking for flexible ways to help cover her rent and university Fees. She told me before she did this business, she asked her mother RM4000 for each month cost, but right now she just ask RM1000 each month which can reduce the burden of her family.

This industry does have its challenges. Customers must be convinced the product they receive are genuine, and efficient, and that the supplier is reliable. So Zeng Haoyue often live stream to prove the outcome by using her product. It is an industry founded on trust. Even though she has earned money from her business, she is still learned about how to make it better. She has followed many famous YouTube to learn how to run her business last longer.

“The income from online sales is reasonable compared to other working opportunities like working in a restaurant and that sort of thing. The profit is really enough to cover your rent. It is easy to do and the biggest reason for me to do it is to not work in some company or to work in a restaurant. It is flexible.’’

She hasn’t thought of her future plan, but she thinks her business is promising. she will keep balance between her business and her study. Besides that, she wants to bring this positive attitude to more people.


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