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Dipping Your hands into the Exotic Henna



Dipping Your hands into the Exotic Henna


SERI SERDANG: Where does art meet friendship, or even relaxation? Choice of henna is an answer can be found in Malays.

Siti Norhanida Dinti Hairudin, is 25 years old, Faculty of ecology of University Putra Malaysia, self-taught Henna artist in Malaysia. Norhanida describes herself as a creative person who loves singing, dancing and painting. During many years she expresses her creative sides through painting. Norhanida started to open a henna shop since 09, January, 2015 which is on her birthday.

Initially Norhanida was inspired by her sister to start decorating with henna. Together they received a lot of practice during parties and henna evenings that are often arranged in connection with weddings in accordance with for example Indian culture. Norhanida soon realized she was talented when it came to painting patterns.

“I love making someone happy at the same time as I want to highlight the fact that we have such beautiful culture and nice traditions in Malaysia.”

Norhanida is doing henna on one of customer’s hand at Seri Serdang on 3th of March ,2018

Today Norhanida is inspired by the other nice and beautiful pictures on henna paste, Instagram and youtube today. “I watched a lot of YouTube video tutorials and also bought henna paste such as Henna Sooq”. Said by Norhanida.

This photo is about Norhanida did hannah for a bride which posted on her Instagram

Norhanida studies at University Putra Malaysia now and among her future plans is a permanent job in her field of study and the dream about developing her henna business. “Within five years I want to have a job that I enjoy and can develop within.  I also dream about becoming Malaysia’s most well known henna artist .”

“Don’t be in a rush to make money initially, because with henna, experience is the best teacher” she added.


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