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The tasty burger in Mr. Muhammad life



The tasty burger in Mr. Muhammad life

by Wang Jing Hao

In Malaysia, when the sun goes down, the climate becomes cool, the sky becomes dark, then the street and some place become more and more lively, people finish their work, they gather together at restaurant, coffee, and also the food stall, they drink the cold beverage and tea some prefer bear, at that time, one day’s tired feeling is vanish, they talk, they laugh, they watch the football until late at night. Today, I interview a part-time shopkeeper to ask how he can sell many burgers per night.

Muhammad Azim, 45 years old, born in KL, he is a business man at the daytime, his major selling is about the materials of the building, he only sell the burger at night, his burger is cheaper and very different from KFC or MC’s burger, he told me selling burger is not a high-payment job, but he still love it, because he love cook, and when he was a child, his family is poor, he only can eat a burger when his father get the salary, then when he growth, with the change of the life quality, he can eat bugger when he wants to eat, he says “selling  burger to others can make me happy, When I know many people love the burger, I fell satisfied, and the price of the burger never change in the last 5 years, even the materials of the burger’s price is rise, but I give up to rise the price, because the customers are used to the low price, I don’t want them feel sad about the price change, I just hope they can feel the enthusiasm of me to cook the burger.

Muhammad Azim told me he love to encounter new friends, the people who live near his burger booth, most of them know him, he is a warmth and lovely person, when I first meted him, he ask some message about myself, I told him that I came from China, they he told me he also know some Chinese students, and he can speak a little Chinese words, he says he wants to go China for a travel, but the residents nearby will miss his burger. He really enjoy the process of selling and making the burger, he usually do a live program on his phone with his friends, with the live to show his burger life to the audience, some of the audience attracted by his burger, then they come to buy.

For his burger, I have to say is special, he uses the beef and some vegetables, then put much sauce in the burger, it tastes like you bite a apple then the juice is outflow, if you order the special burger, he will out a omelet in the burger, that can retain the scent of the fried beef, he also use the cheese to improve the taste, he said he will try his best to satisfied the customer’s need. Because each one has his or her own taste, that’s why his burger is popular than MC and KFC’s and can attract many flowers.

This is the story of MR. Muhammad Azim ’s burger life.

                        Wang Jing Hao 190816   25.4.2018




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