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The glasses business in John Ang life



The glasses business in John Ang life

by Wang Jing Hao

Glasses is a common item in our life, but for some person, the glasses change their life.

John Ang, a thirty-five year old business men ,have a Eye Cabin Optical in South city plaza, G-51,ground floor. As a business man, John Ang expresses his way of doing this job today.

John Ang has been do this job seven years, when he was graduated, he select this as his first job, because he do not want to work in a small place in the office as a worker or be a shopping assistant in other shop, then he decide to do his own business, at the beginning, he have concerned about many business, like electronic device, mobile phone shop, also the restaurant, but finally, he select to sell glasses, because he has a great vision , and he want to help others to keep vision of the eye, and the most important reason is he think this business can earn more money, the cost of the product he buy is only one of fourth he sell it ,then he choose this one for his business.

When he begins to do this business, he often faced many problems. “I don’t know whether I can have meal tomorrow, in the first month, I only sell out 60 pair glasses, the money I earned is not enough to rent the store, I fell sad and tense, I cannot told my parents about this, I do not want them worry about me.”, He said. That’s correct, at the beginning, he is not skillful about the business, sometimes the glasses customers is not satisfied with, then he will try his best to give the customers after sale, discount, and request the customers advertise his store, he suffer a long time near one year his business is not good, during this time, he wants to give up sometimes, he said he really can’t confirm this job whether is suitable for him, but finally he insist to do this business, and after two years , he have opportunities move his store to a plaza instead of seal it at the street, now, Mr John Ang feel value about that period of time, he says at that time he know how difficult to earn money and how hard to do the business.

When Mr John Ang get his business in process, he not only earn money from his customers, but also told his customers how to avoid wear glasses ,he said his duty is also help the people avoid the eye disease, nowadays, the mobile phone and computer and electronic device really damage the teenager’s vision, when the parents take their children come to my store want to buy a glasses for their children but I always persuade them to let the children far away from the mobile phone, then keep the clean of the eye, they really don’t need glasses. He really hopes his customers do not need glasses anymore, even he is a business man who seal glasses, but he hopes everyone can have a great vision, that is also one of his target in his business life.

He really feels satisfied of his business, like he told me: “I am grateful of any customers come to my store, they let me know how to do business well, a person must learn how to be thankful.”

 2018.4. 25.wang jing hao



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