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To know more about home entrepreneurs, this time we interview a housewife Windy Ye. Windy makes Chinese New Year’s dessert at home every year. This kind of dessert is a tradition food of Chinese New Year, and this dessert has many styles, sweet taste, and is widely loved by Chinese. At the end of each year, Chinese in Malaysia will order or make their own desserts for family members, snacks or entertain guests for New Year’s visit.

Windy is a full-time housewife that has three kids. She like cooking and always try to make new foods. After learning about the method of making this kind of dessert on a chance occasion, she discovered that she was very fond of making this delicate and delicious food, and her children also liked it very much. After more attempts, a friend suggested she sell these homemade foods.

At the beginning, Windy was worried that her dessert would not be accepted. She began making desserts for family and friends to taste, and let them give an evaluation. In her first year selling New Year’s desserts, her main customers were family and friends. “The people around me give me a lot of encouragement and support . My courage also comes from them.” Windy told me.

The first year’s sales inspired Windy, who began advertising on Facebook and other social media, accepted orders, and began learning to make bread. Windy wakes up very early in the morning, makes breakfast for the child and her husband, then sorts the orders received online, goes out to purchase materials, and goes home to make. In order to save time, she planned her day’s work order according to the time needed for different food productions to make the work orderly and ensure that she sent fresh food to her guests.

When I asked what difficulties, I encountered when selling sweets was making Windy think it was difficult to overcome or even think of giving up, she told me that what made her feel uncomfortable was that even the guest did not understand and even maliciously attacked Windy on the Internet to get a discount or giveaway. The food production process is not clean and the food is not fresh. Windy said, “I made desserts in the hope that the foods I made with my heart will bring sweetness and happiness to people who eat them. Every step of the production is very serious. Every kind of material is carefully selected by me. Such an attack makes me feel very sad.”

Windy told me that although there are many difficulties, but when she sees the happy faces of her kids she can imagine the same faces of the guests, because not only the New year can bring happy and lucky, but also everyone can taste it in the daily life.

(Windy hopes to not show her photos)



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