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Keep exploring, keep improving


To know more about entrepreneurship, I found WONG SAU LOON (Ken). He studied snack baked in university, and began to work for more than 5 years. One year ago, he rented a shop to sell drinks with friends.

There are many people like to buy Ken’s drinks, especially pearl milk tea. Ken tells me that he has to come to the shop to make black tea, milk and pearl every early morning, because he has to make sure he makes and sell fresh milk tea to the guests, and only fresh tea can make milk tea has good taste. Another secret of success is that Ken add specially made brown sugar when he cooks the pearl.

For Ken, the smiling face of guests are the most important power that support him to make foods or drinks so serious. He said it is hard to get benefit from selling sweets, but it is easier to sell drinks because the cost of making drinks is lower than dessert. The reason why he chose to study making dessert is that he feels a sense of accomplishment when he finishes cooking, and the process of making desserts is like creating a work of art. Although he just making drinks instead of making desserts, but he still feels happy in this work. Ken very enjoy to create many special drinks and give it to his friends to try, he thinks that whatever he do he should keep exploring and keep improving, so that he can find the disadvantages of himself and decide how to do the next step.

“Making foods or drinks just like making our own life.” Ken said, Ken thinks that making food requires patience, focus and thoroughness, it is similar with life. When we facing our life, no matter what problems we meet we need to have patience, focus and thoroughness. That is also the reason why he insisted on preparing the raw materials and preparing the best materials to make foods and drinks everyday.

What Ken experience show that the most difficult thing during business is hard to sell new drinks to people, because different people have different favor. To deal with this problem Ken design a degree table, so that people can choose how sweet or how sour they want. Although there are many shops have this kind of table, but Ken has his own design which is only suitable in his shop. He said that can help people to have better experience.

Ken believe that all he does is worth it. Young entrepreneurs should have the patience, focus and thoroughness to create their own business, although they will meet a lot of difficulties, they can solve them like Ken.


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