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Malaysian food memory… Paper Wrapped Chicken



Malaysian food memory… Paper Wrapped Chicken


The memory of Malaysian food is from the beginning to the habit, to the numbness, and now it’s a long time to return and feel very nostalgic, so I decided to write something to commemorate.

When referring to the diet of the Chinese, the immigrants in the early years mostly came from Guangdong and Chongqing, so the flavor was close to Cantonese and Fujian cuisine, refreshing and natural, especially various soups, and Cantonese dim sum. The Hakka stuffed tofu was also famous. In Kuala Lumpur, a Leong Ah restaurant in Serdang annex of Kuala Lumpur is often visited. Hakka cuisine is very authentic. It is famous for its chicken and bean curd. It is now the second generation.

We heard from a Chinese hairdresser that there is a famous restaurant near my home. As a result, my friend and me came to taste specially. I am honored to meet the boss’s daughter and interview her. But unfortunately, she refused to take a photo with us because of personal reasons.

According to our interview we learned that in Serdang, there are three kinds of paper wrapped chicken which are brewed with an exclusive recipe.  They are Restaurant Leong Ah, Restaurant Leong Ah-Serdang and Restaurant Leong Ah-Puchong. The restaurant we came to was opened using red chairs. Oh! The original restaurant table color is representative.

We deliberately came to the kitchen to observe the process of making chicken wrapped in paper. The chef told us the correct way of wrapping chicken.

First of all, chicken meat sauce is wrapped in special paper with chicken and then boiled together. It uses chickens from the foot of the mountain. The sauce material contains oyster sauce, onion, ginger and a small amount of wine. When the customers opened the paper bag, the fragrant smells of the waves made him drool. Let them bite immediately. Slightly double-buttoned flesh is simply overwhelming.

After the interview, my friend and I had a taste of this food with full expectation. There is no doubt that the paper wrapped chicken is very delicious and it is really be filled with sauce. We also tasted stuffed tofu. It is also very nice. This is an unforgettable interview experience.

It is already dinner time after the interview. When we were about to leave, we suddenly found that the restaurant was full of guests. Waiters have entered a busy working state. It seems that the fame of this shop really deserves reputation!


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