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Lew and her entrepreneurial story



Lew and her entrepreneurial story


Malaysia, a diversified country which has different ethnicities. Its culture also shows diversity. As s result, what we can know is that they have sorts of food. This has attracted many entrepreneurs to invest in the food industry.

Mrs. Lew has 9 years of entrepreneurial experience and she comes from Penang. When she was 19 years old, her parents and her come to Kuala Lumpur. They rent a house near Serdang. Mrs. Lew told me that her parents want to do a small business to support their families. After that, her parents began to sell Fired Kuey Teow… a kind of delicious food which is popular among Malaysian Chinese.

At the beginning of their entrepreneurship, the business is not good. They tried various ingredients just to cater to locals tastes. At last, they found out the most delicious ingredients which are combined by shrimp, bean sprouts., tofu tablets. And The main ingredients is noodles. Her parents also taught her how to do this and after 10 years she took over it.

When she married her husband at 30 years old, her husband opens another restaurant near Serdang. Her husband also sells Fired Kuey Teow. Their business is equally good. Every day, many Chinese students come to eat her food. Here, she shows a satisfactory smile.

When we walked into her shop, we could see the fresh ingredients on the table. She told us that she had to go to the market early every morning to buy fresh ingredients. Her husband specializes in sourcing noodles. That’s the way everyday.

Mrs. Lew told us their average daily profit is RM400. When the business is good, she can have RM600, when the business is not good, she may get RM100 a day. Although this job is very hard, she and her husband still want to persevere. She also hopes that more people can learn Fired Kuey Teow.

At the end of our interview, she deliberately made Fired Kuey Teow for me. I am so happy to taste it.  Sure enough, it is very tasty.

Through the interview. I found the entrepreneur behind the success of full of bitterness but their persistence drives them to success. Today, more and more people choose to start their own businesses. I hope they can stick to their dreams and believe their choices are correct. As long as they have faith, they can achieve their ideal. It also prompted me to understand my own future work. I also firmly believe that I can succeed.


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