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Ahhayin and her dream




Ahhayin and her dream


What is entrepreneur? Who is the entrepreneur?

When it comes to this kind of people, we always cannot give a precise definition to them. However, from the internet we get to know that an entrepreneur is a person who discovers certain information, resources, opportunities, or masters certain technology, uses or borrows the corresponding platform or carrier, and converts the information, resources, opportunities, or technologies it discovers into a certain way. A person who creates more wealth, value, and a certain course of pursuit or goal.

Last week, I went to Mines to do a brief interview to a local entrepreneur. This girl was graduated from college for 6 years. Her name is Ahhayin. She is an entrepreneur who sells scarf.

During our interview, I asked her 5 questions.

The first one is” why you choose to do this job.”

From her answer, I can know that this job is very popular because this kind of product is easy to sell. The reason can be concluded that this is a must thing to Muslim and suit for all women in different ages.

Then, when I asked “whether you like your work”. She said yes without hesitation.

She said that it is open her mind to another people and promote her confidence when she talks to the customers.

The third one is whether she will change to do any other job. I was encouraged by her words in that she insists on her job for 6 years. This is her dream but only a simple job. She wants to enlarge her shop and she will never give up. What she believes is that only she tries her best, can she succeed. How a diligent girl she is.

After this I let her to do a brief introduction to the scarf. As we all know, Headscarves or head scarves are scarves covering most or all of the top of a person’s, usually women, hair and her head, leaving the face uncovered. A headscarf is formed of a triangular or square cloth folded into a triangle piece of fabric, with which the head is covered. In Malaysia, Malaysian people are Muslim. All the women need to wear headscarves.


I admired this girl because she had no doubts or gave up on her dreams and choices. After the interview, I told her that there are also many Muslims in China. I hope that more and more Chinese people can come to Malaysia to learn about the culture and tradition here. Maybe someday in the future, we will find that there are Chinese in Malaysia for entrepreneurship.


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