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10 years for map Prentice to working as chef



10 years for map Prentice to working as chef

by Zhang Ziyan

Mr. Youstarted at 6 AM preparing the work everyday. He carried the food material that has been prepared yesterday from his place to the working place by mini van.

At 8:30AM, he arrived to the working place, set the table and get the stoves ready, and started carrying the food material from his mini van. 9AM, he opened the menu and set the fire, got the food done following the menu list, after about 1 hour , 10AM or so ,the food would be all done and waiting for the customers coming. Mr.You was sweaty all over because of the heat , he wiped his sweat with his towel and smiled to me. This is his work everyday, tiring but I can’t see any sad or tired expressions on his face.

Mr. you is working in his place

Mr.You said, “I worked so early, because I didn’t finish my student career very well, at first I started in a Chinese restaurant as an apprentice, just do some simple but extremely tiring work like wishing the dishes but with very little salary. I was so young at that time , I had no idea about how my work and how my career should be, I just repeated and repeated the same thing everyday, it felt like the dishes would never end.” Mr.You smiled and said, “I accidently reached to the job from kitchen behind the restaurant, because the chef cannot finish that amount of demand, and they asked me to help. And I surprisingly found I have some talent in cooking, and then as I learnt more, I gradually moved to kitchen and finished my boring previous job, I was 18 then, and I felt my career moved to a new stage.”

Mr. you‘s work place

Mr. You usually works 6 days a week, but this semester, I found he is here working for 7 days. I asked him about the reason, he told me the reason is that the economy of Malaysia is going down, and he has to work more to keep the income. “Don’t you feel tired?” I asked, he said, “never mind, I have been working for 18 years, and I love cooking anyway , and most important thing is customer likes my food , and they come to eat every day ,that makes me feel important. I used to work for the boss, and now I work for myself, if I work more, I will get more, and I like to see people’s satisfaction due to my job.”

Mr.You usually cook southern Chinese food, I’d like to come to take away food because the food here is a bit familiar to me, and he would cook Malaysian local food for weekend. Every time I came, I will see him with a smile and a greeting, it feels positive.

Mr.You said , no matter how the work or the things you have been working on hard they are, as you find it meaningful and you have the point to keep on, then just bear the pain and keep it.


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