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by Hanis Sofea Zulkifli

INTRODUCING Donna Scarfs, Daeng Dessy Dhabita Binti Dahasry is a 22 years old Communication student in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Kampus Serdang who is thrilled to join the world of business.

When asked upon the reason she started her business, “My younger brother is a very successful athlete and he made a lot of money from his matches. I always admire how he used his hard-earned money to buy his family a proper meal. Although, I must admit that as the older sibling, I felt a little disappointed with myself for not being able to do the same” confessed Dessy.

Dessy claims that she is at that age where she feels uncomfortable asking her mother for money. “The main reasons why I chose to start my own business is to be more independent, to obtain my own hard-earn money and to finally buy a proper meal for my whole family” continued Dessy. Other than that, Dessy has a never-ending support from her older brother and her mother although she was not keen on the idea at first.

Dessy is very serious about launching her own product. She had gone through many procedures to ensure that she provides a good quality scarf. The idea to start Donna Scarfs sparked from the ever-growing trends of stylish hijabs. According to Dessy, girls nowadays are obsessed with using hijab as a fashion statement. With that in mind, Dessy believes that selling scarves is a good direction for her.

The name Donna Scarfs was inspired by an Italian word meaning a woman wearing hijab.  The idea was given to Dessy by her business icon, Munirah Nazri the proud owner of HAWWA Official, a famous clothing business. Dessy considered herself lucky to have been given business tips and advice from the woman that she look up to and she aims to be as successful as her in the near future.

Although selling scarves might look easy on the eyes, it is actually very challenging. First, Dessy needs to take into account the competition she has to undergo with the other small and famous hijab brands. Since the number of hijab brands are rapidly growing, she needs to find a way to stand out. Secondly, as a second year student, Dessy will have to manage her time and focus in order to maintain her grades and business, Donna Scarfs.

A collection of various coloured Donna Scarfs

“For me, Donna Scarfs is unique because I prioritise my quality. It took me months to find the perfect material and design for my scarf. I did a lot of research and I am aware of my customers’ needs. Most of them prefer scarves that are easy to shape, wrinkle-free and I am confident that the material I provide checks all that. I also offer a very affordable price for my scarves and I did a great job in promoting Donna Scarfs on social platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp” revealed Dessy.

A closer look of the Swarovski on Donna Scarfs

All of Dessy’s hard work finally paid off when her first batch of scarves had sold out in just two weeks’ time. This shows how committed she is in managing her business and how bright the future is for Donna Scarfs.

The proud owner of Donna Scarfs, Daeng Dessy Dhabita Binti Dahasry posing with some of her newly released Donna Scarfs

“I am still very new in the line of business but I would not let that be an excuse for me to do my work disorderedly” declared Dessy with much confidence.


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