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A Young Man With His Fitness Dream



A Young Man With His Fitness Dream

by Zhang Ziyan

As the first time I saw Niel, it was in his gym. His smile is infectious and positive. I got to know him and his story about doing fitness work through this interview, and I learnt some ideas after knowing his story. I think keeping on fitness somehow changed Niel, like, the way he treats life and people, fitness has made him better.

Strong body can support our dreams

Niel is 22 years old, he has been doing fitness work for 3 years. He said he was weak and body is not strong enough when he was little, and he would get bullied by other bad kids sometimes during school time. He laughed and said, “getting stronger was one of my dreams when I was young, I wanted to get stronger in order to protect myself and my friends. That’s why I decided to turn in this industry as soon as I graduated.” Niel said, “all of us have a lot of things that we always wanted to complete, but some people are just unable to accomplish due to many reasons, some due to time, some due to money and health. Body is like a machine, you have to adjust it carefully and it will be supporting you to reach your goals.” Neil said that because of fitness, he loves sports and regards it as important as his life.

Neilin office

Keeping chasing dream together with mates

After graduation of high school, Neil got no money, he got a few jobs to live on, but actually he never likes it. But the lucky thing is, he has some friends who actually are working in gym and fitness related industry. Eventually he worked with his friends as a team. Neil said he got so lucky to know these friends, because they are willing to help him when he was really in help. Neil said he became more positive than before because of working in this area, when he faced difficulties he now choose to face them and overcome rather than being sad and retreat like before.

Fitness has truly changed Neil’s life, it is improving his life

Neil said, “at the beginning, I think fitness is just like an most simple work that we need to keep on doing, but after when I’m actually in it, I found fitness is an very strict and very scientific sport. There are a lot of people who cannot persist, maybe they think the workout process is too painful, or they don’t see the body achievement in a short time, they can’t wait to see the tough muscles or the perfect shape of body ,they think they can never make it so they just give up. Now I know more information about fitness, body building is a work that needs hard working, it is not only about some simple physical moves.” I think whatever you are interested in, just keep on doing that, and more or less you will definitely get something form it.



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