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“Glory for Caffeine Lovers”

“Glory for Caffeine Lovers”

By Hamsaveni A/P Visuvaseven

People say money can’t buy happiness. They lie. Money can buy coffee and coffee makes us happy! Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical. Coffee just knows the pathway to enter our soul.

Richiamo barista taking orders

Last 7th February 2019, Richiamo Coffee has done its new branch opening in Anjung Siswazah, Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad @ Library , Universiti Putra Malaysia. Richiamo coffee is a cafe established by Raja Iliya who is an artist. Richiamo coffee’s philosophy can be summed in three simple words which are Product, Service and Atmosphere. At Richiamo Coffee they aim to give we, the customers a unique experience with every sip of their coffee or taste of their snacks. Surrounded by a cozy atmosphere and served by their friendly staff, we are made to feel at ease as if we were sitting at home in their living room.

Richiamo coffee has many branches in Malaysia. Some are RICHIAMO COFFEE (UUM) , RICHIAMO COFFEE (USM PENANG), RICHIAMO COFFEE (TARUC), RICHIAMO COFFEE (IIUM) and few more. They are still looking forward to be opening more branches in other states such as Johor Bahru. Richiamo coffee UPM operating hours starts at 8.30am till 10.30pm.

“Your coffee is ready to be served”

This cafe is guided by its firm faith in guaranteeing steady supply of quality products and giving astounding service to its clients and is controlled by devoted group to consistently accomplish the hierarchical Vision and Mission. Their image is centered around espresso as a matter of first importance. They offer more than twenty distinct assortments of espresso created by specialists and produced using the best beans, joined to acquire mixes that will fulfill even the most requesting clients. Their scope of amazing items incorporate pastries and cakes as well as freshly prepared sandwiches. Their exclusive requirement of perfection in their sustenance is constantly ensured using new and characteristic fixings.

Richiamo’s cappuccino on display

Richiamo Coffee are described by a specific and refined structure, inviting, with a commonplace air. They are places where clients can meet companions, chip away at a PC, appreciate quality espresso and a brisk chomp, or essentially unwind following a difficult day at work, much the same as at home, possibly while tuning in to wonderful ambient melodies, played throughout the day and changing as indicated by the season of day.

In the aspect of services, we have a perception saying that “You can have the most lovely places and the best items, yet on the off chance that you don’t offer prevalent administration you will be probably not going to see great outcomes”.

When we look at Richiamo Coffee, their servers, hence, must have the most ideal dimension of training. Before working at their coffeehouses they are required to go to instructional classes and once procured they should take refresher courses periodically in order to maintain their professional level.

Richiamo Coffee’s signature order is definitely their coffee as what stated in the name of cafe itself. But they do serve other dishes such as cakes, pie & puff, muffins, ice blended, cold beverages, hot beverages, frullati fresh-smoothies and others (Butter Croissant, Doughnut, Stir Fried Chicken And Chili With Rice, Nasi Lemak With Chicken Rendang, Spaghetti With Chicken Sauce).

Athira and her friend looking at the menu to decide their order

As per Athira, one of the student from Universiti Putra Malaysia, she loves this new cafe in her university as she loves to drink coffee and the nearest coffee house she could get to is Starbucks but it is also quite far from her college. She said “I am feeling so grateful for this new branch opening because it can satisfy my need for coffee at anytime as it is located in the campus”. Her favorite coffee is the hazelnut. She also added “ Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee as my birthstone is a coffee bean”.

Richiamo’s various cakes and pastries on display


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