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“Amber” Chinese Muslim Retaurant


 “Amber”-- Chinese Muslim Retaurant


Amber is a Muslim restaurant from Lanzhou, China. In 2010, the first restaurant was established in Lanzhou. Amber mainly provides consumers with safe, secure, healthy and green products and excellent services. So it won a lot of love from Lanzhou consumers.

Amber Chinese is called anboer, which means “amber” in English; “essence” in Latin; and “fragrance” in Arabic. Therefore, in the historical background of China, Amber is the continuation and development of the modern Silk Road, and is the most halal restaurant with the characteristics of the Northwest.

Amber’s development history can be said to be a historical development from small to large, from weak to strong. In order to maintain the use and image of the registered trademarks, the nature of the restaurant business is mainly based on direct sales stores to ensure the healthy development of the brand.

So far, Amber has set up Amber restaurants in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xinjiang, Xining and Gansu. Even the first overseas restaurant was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In October 2015, Amber opened its first overseas branch in Kuala Lumpur.

Amber’s branch in Kuala Lumpur has attracted many people to taste and is also loved by consumers. Malaysia is a country with a high degree of cultural inclusion. People from all countries can taste the food from China. Most Malaysians are Muslims, so Muslim restaurants from China can satisfy their needs, and of course the Chinese who come to Malaysia can eat food from their hometown.

Every restaurant has its own special food. Amber is characterized by its beef noodles, which are mainly made of hand-made noodles, soup, beef, spicy, green vegetables and spices. It is not easy to make it delicious.

When I went to Amber, I ordered a beef noodle. This bowl of red noodles, I knew it was delicious at first glance. You can also choose a set menu that includes 3 small dishes, vegetarian dishes, marinated eggs, kebabs and a few dumplings. In fact, in addition to the beef noodle restaurant there are many delicious dishes to choose from, lamb skewers, dumplings, buns, hot and sour powder, tofu, Chinese tea and so on. In general, the food in the restaurant is very good, if you have a chance, you must try it.



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