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Homemaker to Cakebaker


Homemaker to Cakebaker

By:  Nithya Warsheni a/p Mahendran

She started with some cookies of her knowledge. She made it and give them to taste to her kids’ friend’s mothers and some of her and her husbands colleague. After tasting the cooking the one who like started to order with her. At first she just doing it in a small circle. The she goes famous when she had been introduced to other and other by her friends. So many customers makes orders with her for festivals and many more.


Thangam Sivakumar is more know as Golden Chocolates due to her cakes and cookies. Thangam is a 38 years old full time housewife with 2 kids age 13 years old and 11 years old with her Singapore working husband lives in Skudai,Johor. She done her early education in Kuala Lumpur ,then proceed to Diploma in Business Studies in a private college. Its shows she didn’t have any exposure in baking but baking had become her hobby since school days. She mention “I really interested in baking since school days”.

The idea to make it as a business comes when she was thinking about how to earn money and at the same time to take care of her kids. So she started to make her hobby as a way of earning as it was the easiest way. She no need to go for works for long hours as she can look after kids and do the house chores at the same time. Her studies in business helped a lot for her preparation for the business. At the same time she got the encouragement and support from her husband, Sivakumar.

After earn some money, she decided to go for baking classes to get in deep knowledge about baking. After attending some of the classes she started to bake cakes. In a way to promote it, she make a Facebook page named Golden Chocolates. From there people started to get to know her better. She makes unique shape cakes as what the customer asked for with different types of flavour.At the same time she gives some dicounts for second time buyer and promotes alot of samples.After learns some basics in the classes she continue to learn more through the Youtube. Her different shapes and recipes attracted many people.

However she still facing some conflicts such as there were a lot of competitors. As she is staying in Johor Bharu, the cost of things are higher compare to other states, that had been one of the conflicts too. Other than that, customers were keep bargaining prices to get the cheapest price so for that she had to make a correct calculation to make her profit comes well. She will charge according to the design and the weight that the customer asked for and addition for delivery.

She is developing her business by making quality cakes and cookies for the customers. Her dreams is to become a famous baker and invent new types of cakes. She is now selling different types of cookies, brownies and cakes and even wedding and reception cakes. She wanna prove that that housewives also can be a successful entrepreneur.



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