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by Athaya Shakyna

SERDANG – Being an Indonesian student in Malaysia doesn’t stop Aditya Hutama Iswardi, 21 to pursue his passion in entrepreneurship. The Indonesian student joined AQADEMI in 2015, a youth development company that specializes in education in entertainment as the General Secretary. Aditya is the kind of individual who constantly seeks for new knowledge and is hungry for new experiences. Though he is taking chemical engineering, he has ventured into the politics by being in his country organization, whilst taking on many roles as an entrepreneur.

Aditya’s passion for the society and youth development made him invest financially in AQADEMI from his own pocket. He says, “risk is always there but at some point you have got to take it because though planning is important to start something it doesn’t mean it has to be perfectly according to plan.” He continued by explaining the difference between a dreamer and someone who has ambitions, “it is in the evaluation of their mistakes throughout their journey. It is important to learn from the mistakes and never stop learning because there is always someone smarter than us.” Aditya aspires to be a motivator, he proves by saying, “But not everyone is a competitor; business to business alliance will help expand the business more than business to customers. Each company has its own unique selling point, so why not make each other stronger thus we can all be success together?”.

Currently in the 6th semester, the energetic young man is holding the title of Vice President of External Relations in his beloved Kolej 10. And with his admirable work ethic, Aditya does think that it is important to work smart, but as a university student he wants to work hard to maximize his potential and abilities. In order to do this, he start his day at 6AM, began with reading the news and going to classes until 5PM. The former Indonesian National Athlete still makes time for his favorite sport, basketball and make sure he have time for personal matters around dinner time. As an organized person, Aditya arranged his meetings and discussion around Isya prayer until midnight, so he can study and then sleep at 2AM. I asked him whether he ever feel like giving up or tired, he said, “When that thought comes, I remember the reason of WHY I started it at the first place”. As Aditya’s best friend, I can honestly say, he inspired me to go harder at what I’m passionate in. His ambition and big dreams boost up my motivation.


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