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Takoyaki Change My Life – Muliana

Practice makes perfect. Muliana is making takoyaki in the UPM stall


Takoyaki Change My Life – Muliana

Time management was very important to Muliana because she worked and ventured her business at the same time. As a new generation, many youths hope to work in the office but Muliana was different. She did not care about the hot weather in the Serumpun College University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and willing to bring the best takoyaki to the students.

By:Chew Jing Yi

SERDANG: Takoyaki is a well-known food street in Japan. Muliana Kasim, 24 tried to build her business by selling takoyaki in Serumpun College UPM. She commenced her business together with her sister, Mar Ai Kasim. They were selling two types of flavor takoyaki which were crab stick’s flavour takoyaki and also squid’s flavour takoyaki and sold at RM5 only. It attracted a lot of UPM students to purchase the takoyaki because the price was very reasonable. Muliana also claimed that they always used fresh and best ingredients to make the takoyaki for a better taste.

Muliana’s sister Mar Ai as a stakeholder in the takoyaki business

Besides, Muliana argued that she personally used her own savings of RM2000 to create her own takoyaki’s business. Her sister also contributed some of her savings to help Muliana. Mar Ai not only supports Muliana in term of money, but she also contributed her effort and worked together with Muliana. Before Muliana started her business in UPM, she had sold takoyaki in Matriculation’s College and Polytechnic’ College around one year ago. So, Muliana considered having a full experience in how to make a delicious takoyaki and sold it.

During the business, they faced many challenges especially about the crowd and the weather. Rainy days will affect the student of UPM to purchase the takoyaki. Some other factors that affected the business were limited choices, no place for the students to sit while waiting and so on. So, they managed to find the solutions and will provide more choices of delicious snacks in the future. Always be innovative in the business which can be the blue ocean to attract more people.

Muliana and her sister are selling two types of flavour takoyaki which are crab stick takoyaki and also squid takoyaki

‘Doing the business you like is the most happy and the best enjoyment. So, you will have the spirit completed it to the best.’

Muliana was interested in business when she was 12 years old. She worked with a Chinese shopkeeper at that time. She explained that business was easy to build up but management was very difficult. So, she needed to arrange her time wisely. After that, she started her takoyaki business. She worked without saying any excuses and regrets. Success was not easy, but the most important was persisting. Her spirit motivated me because the generations nowadays were very easy to give up when they faced any obstacles.

Lastly, Muliana gave advices to the people who want to build their business which were they should be patience, hardworking and also managed their time wisely. Every business has its obstacle such as variable income, bad weather and so on. Always think positive everyday and one day, you will be successful.

Anyone who is interested in eating takoyaki, please welcome to the College Serumpun to enjoy. Muliana and her sister will also bring more snacks in the future. So, stay tuned for their new snacks.


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