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My Income From Burger Ramly

Muhammad Farid Daniel cleans the pan before he cooks a new burger


My Income From Burger Ramly…

“Strong mind and patience push me to start my business until now,” said Muhammad Farid Daniel. “Never give up!” was his quotation.

By:Chew Jing Yi

SERDANG: Muhammad Farid Daniel, 20 years old ran his burger business starting from 3 years ago. He sold Ramly burger to the students of University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in Kolej Serumpun from evening until late midnight. He also stated that he always woke up early to prepare the fresh ingredients just before the business started.

College students can choose the flavour they want based on the menu

There were many choice of burgers for the students to purchase. They can also customized their own burger by adding cheese. Besides the burger, Muhammad Farid Daniel also introduced his new menu– “Nasi Lemak Pattaya”. “Nasi Lemak Pattaya” had gained a lot of love from the students in Kolej Serumpun and the owner claimed that “Nasi Lemak Pattaya” had become an extra bonus for him.

3 years ago, he used his savings of around RM1000 to start his business. His family supported him and often helped him out in the stall. Every day, before he opens the stall, he will spend an hour to prepare the materials needed. Black pepper sauces that he made were the special secret to increase the aroma of the burgers. The meat pie in his burger was more juicy and delicious compared to other burger stalls.

“Most of the times are difficult while running this business,” said Muhammad Farid Daniel. He faced obstacles when he first started the business like there were few people buying the burgers during the exam week. He had set a target to sell 100 burgers every day and usually, he will close the stall around 11 at night when he finished selling the burger.

A normal chicken burger with black pepper sauce costs RM3 only

Lastly, Farid Daniel has given his advice to the people who want to start their business. They should be strong-minded and patience. A successful entrepreneur should set a target or aim before they started a business and always be ready for challenges and changed to improve and never give up easily.



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