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Small Business Secrets

By Saba Urooj

Kuala Lumpur: Nur Shahira is a local Entrepreneur who is a talented women and running a jewellery shop which is named as S&C. Keeping in touch with what is the new trend and how to attract customers, helps her to understand what she should do to drive her business and get success.” When I finished my studies, I was willing to do my own business. It was like a dream which comes true after a bit of struggle”. Her parents are the real people behind the success of her business. They always supported her and helped her in all walks of life whether its related to studies or work. Her parents always encouraged her to do what she want. “If your beloved ones and dearest people help you to fulfil your dreams than nothing can stop you to achieve your goals” she said. Parents support, love and care protect their children from disappointments and regrets which ultimately help their child to achieve their expected goals.

Beautiful collection of Necklace at S&C jewellery shop

For Nur Shahira money is not everything we need in life. She said that experience is what she need to achieve as she want to learn from her mistakes by experiencing difficulties and issues so that it will help her in future. If God Forbid she find difficult situation in her life. She believes that she would be able to tackle that situation with her experience.

As a new comer in entrepreneurship, she has already started to achieve some of her objectives which are related to her business. and this made herself quite happy and her parents feel so proud of her.

She has five employees who works with her at the shop. She always appoint employees on the basis of their honesty and full attention to work. “An employee should understand customer’s need carefully and than provide service according to their demand” she said. It is her dream to see her business fully established and she want to open almost 10 shops.

“I have an account related to my products where I use to see some feedbacks which help me to revise my product and do necessary changes” she said.

An overview of S&C jewellery shop

She always try to improve her lifestyle and always want to take good things from others. The thought that she is making some positive changes always pushes her to interact with experienced people around her.

Her business has a good scope in Malaysia. She has variety of goods and accessories like necklace, chains, rings, handbags and other stuff. She advertise her business on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

“I myself post all the new updates regarding my business and than people get to know what is new and latest design. This act help me to promote my business”. She Mentioned. According to her about 50 percent of her goals has been achieved due to effort of her employees and she hope to fully complete her goals within few more years.

Nur shahira while giving interview at S&C jewellery shop

As a friendly suggestion, she said “believe in yourself and experience new things. Your desire to get success will be completed one day”.



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