SERDANG: “A good teacher and a cooperative team is all you need when starting a business”, said Mohd Noor Fadil, 24, a final year student and also a rising entrepreneur in University Putra Malaysia (UPM). He began to take interest in business at the age of 16, designing banners and posters for schools.

Earlier in January of 2018, he launched his latest product called Delldaz, a serum designed to help erase stretch marks. Delldaz was formulated by Fadil himself with the thought of his mother in mind. “I couldn’t stand seeing my mom suffer having given birth to him and his four other siblings. Since I’ve been thinking of doing it, so why not give it a go”, he said when asked further.

Mohd Noor Fadil holding his product, Delldaz

In just two months, Fadil managed to sell 1200 products. He started researching for the serum in mid 2017, finding the right ingredients and the right formula to get it perfect. He looked into lots of products from outside of Malaysia, consulted with doctors to ensure it is safe to use and looked for factories to make his products in for six months and after five tries, Fadil was finally satisfied with the product that he formulated.

When asked of the challenges of starting his own business, Fadil said there were definitely lots of challenges. One of them being the market. “People in Malaysia are not familiar with the name ‘stretch mark’. They are more familiar with cellulite, those two are two completely different things”, the young entrepreneur said. His product, Delldaz, has managed to get attention mostly from non-Malaysians than from Malaysians themselves because of the lack of understanding in the difference of cellulite and stretch mark. There were not much of a problem in finding the ingredients for his products, Fadil clarified.

Being fourth amongst his sibling of seven, Fadil was the first in his family to venture into business. He did not deny that his parents were against his wish to start his own business, but as he grows they have opened up their minds to the idea of him being involved in business. He since then was able to stand on his own two feet after starting his business. He learns through the internet on how to start a business, how to keep the business going and how to sell products and learned from mentors.

Delldaz, the solution for your stretch mark

Delldaz is being sold in the online market and he currently have five staff working for him. “You have to lay out your plan to your life, what you want to be, say in the coming 10 years and so on”, he said earnestly when asked on how he managed to succeed at such a young age. “You have to know how to properly manage your money”, he continued.

Since now the Malaysian government is implementing entrepreneurship in curriculum in universities, young entrepreneurs like Fadil can be looked up upon. He did not deny that it is hard to balance out between his business and his studies. “You have to act quick when you’re doing business and you can’t delay things. There are a lot of opportunities in university, you just have to grab it”, he explained. He encourages students to venture into business as long as there’s a good mentor and a team with good teamwork.

The young entrepreneur has made it far being involved in business since he was in secondary school. He plans to expand his business, have 1000 distributers for his products and recruit more staff for his business. “I will never quit doing business as it is something that I love doing”, he stated confidently.

For more inquiries regarding Delldaz, contact them at 011-20376999 or go to their facebook page- Delldaz Malaysia and also their instagram page (@delldazmalaysia).


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