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By Nadia Athira

Butterworth, 15 years in the line and lost her job find herself not a full stop. Hasniza Almi, 38 years old as an account admin in NSTP previously, starts an online business and aimed to open sidewalks stall after given a notice to be fired due to close up of the printing process in Perai. At first started an online business just to have a side income since she is a very passionate person on cooking and baking. 2 months after had been fired, she had an opportunity to open a stall nearby her house. She was extremely happy during the time.

Name given to her new business stall is “Dapoq Abah.” This business mainly having western food as the main dish. The price is so reasonable and affordable to all. Seems it is a good strategy where she opened the place in very strategic place.  Mostly students of Politeknik and UITM Seberang Perai will be having their lunch and dinner there. There is also residential area such as terrace houses, Apartments as well as Condominium is just around the corner. Sidewalks stall is what people look for to chill themselves with variety foods.

For this reason, she is challenging herself with this one quotes “be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.  She already sees the success of the online business that she did, therefore she is ready mental and physically to give a start to a new thing.  However, remember that in business life there must be full of ups and downs. In the first 3 months she faced so many challenges until she almost gives up. “The business went well but the outcome not that good, how can it be”. She mentioned about this that shows she is lost hope and in confusing mood.

Having a lot of supports from her family, friends and successful business people make her standing still and put more efforts towards the business. There is no way to success in an easy way. Surprisingly, she was mentioned about using SWOT analysis in her business where she learnt in Entrepreneurship class during study time. By implement the SWOT analysis every time she was noticed her business drop, she will come out with new idea to overcome the problem. The key words here is to be ready and hold on tight with what you believe in. Then, better results will take place.

Due to all the challenges that she faced, she is now do well in her business. In other words, something done admirably and creditably. An open up spirit to all entrepreneurs out there to give it a start to be brave in conducting a business. All new business venture should take this as a best example. Jobs issue in today’s world is not a big deal if you can work on yourself. As this one quote by Abraham Lincoln, be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. This is where you and your trust come together.


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