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“Family Mart” “Family Food”


As an international student far from home, the reason for having a hard time leaving home is about food. More international students come to an unfamiliar environment and are less acceptable for foods that they have never eaten before. This article I want to introduce one of my favorite convenience stores in Malaysia, the FamilyMart.

The FamilyMart is a chain of convenience stores from Japan with chain stores in China, Thailand, Korea and the United States. In November 2016, the first family convenience store was established in Malaysia. Up to now, more than two years have opened too many of branches in Malaysia, and it is expected to have 300 stores in Malaysia within five years.

This good news not only allows Malaysian people to enjoy the cuisine of different countries without going abroad, but also allows foreign friends from Malaysia to eat food from their hometown. For example, I am an international student. I am very happy to see that some convenience stores in China have opened to Malaysia.

Many people like the food in the FamilyMart. Every time they go, they feel that there are many people and they need to line up. Why is everyone so interested in FamilyMart? I think it is because you can buy fresh, hot food. FamilyMart is also said to be a combination of “hot food snack bar”, “coffee shop”, “ice cream shop”, “bakery shop”, etc., and even more convenience features will be added in the future.

The food sold here is freshly prepared daily by the local FamilyMart factory, and will be withdrawn at all times as long as it is suitable for consumption. Never sell expired items. Of course, in addition to the choice of Japanese food, Korean instant noodles, Chinese lunch, it in the Malaysia, of course, there must be a Malaysian choice, coconut rice, Indian flavored rice is a good choice.

I really like to go to the FamilyMart to buy food, every time I go to buy a lot of things, this time I went to the mid valley store, first order a bowl of Oden, then I feel so hot and spicy, then order a Japanese matcha Ice cream, I still want to eat it after eating, and then buy a loaf of bread with yogurt from China, it is very comfortable after eating. Even have to buy some to take home to eat the next day. Because it is very affordable, it costs less than RM20 to eat.

Finally, I hope that the FamilyMart can open more branches, if it can be near our university is better, so we don’t have to go far to the mall to find it, I hope everyone can try it.


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