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Hefei Receives Helping Hands

a bunch of volunteers that bring change


Hefei Receives Helping Hands

By Nadia Athira

The AIESEC organization in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has organized a volunteering project; Dare to Dream, Hefei that focuses on the learning of world languages and world cultures that involves 25 UPM’s students. It always provides us with the opportunity to live a shared responsibility for the world and equip with the tools to shape better future. The six weeks project dated was held in Anhui University, Hefei, China. The main objective of this project is to create opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges, leadership development and global internships as they believe that youth is the golden key in shaping a better future. In the hands of making changes, this project hopes that it will be a huge impact to all.

Blessed in having the opportunity

In precise, volunteers gained priceless experience and knowledge in a much different context. Exchanging cultures among locals and volunteers creates wonderful memories to be remembered. The opportunity given by AIESEC is much appreciated by all volunteers. “I have learned that the world has no actual borders by the love and appreciation that I received from my students, exchange buddies and locals”, said by the interviewee, Amirah Nur Hanim. She said such programme makes us even close to one another. Therefore, sharing culture is not only a learning process but it has to do with benefits humanity in this world.

However, they faced some obstacles such as language barriers, financial problems as well as miscommunication with the management. Due to these, the project was cut short and they had to returned back on 2nd August 2018. The foreign vicinity might be new but all volunteers manage to adapt themselves in accomplishing their mission. All volunteers were well prepared in working together to improvise if anything went wrong. This is the true power of teamwork.

Journey of success with positive thinking

Despite all the problems faced, the project managed to come to an end with positive results. Students in Hefei enjoyed the visits and culture knowledge given by UPM’s volunteers. The project was a huge success. “I am very satisfied with what I am doing because I can see the impact of us coming there in teaching them and the feedbacks that we received were extremely positive,” said Amirah Nur Hanim. She hopes that she could at least bring positive changes in the students life with the culture she practicing there.

Due to the success of the project, it would be great if in the near future, there will be varieties of volunteering programs in UPM. AIESEC believe that youth are the golden key in shaping the future. By covering this news, I hope that such programme will be consider for all students in any institutions. However, students in UPM need to realize that the power in changing the world is in their hands therefore, we hope that more students will get involved in such programs to share and explore knowledge worldwide.


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