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A STORY OF A HOUSEWIFE – superpower women




By Thevamalar a/p Jayasanker

JOHOR- I don’t like the term housewife and housemaker. I prefer to be called Domestic Goddess- Roseanne Barr. Women who rule the house are the real architecture of the society. Her name is Vijaya a/p Veeramuthu, 48, full-time housewife as a profession.

“Family is my beautiful chapters in my life journey,” said Miss. Vijaya. She gets married to Jayasanker a/l Gopal, a small entrepreneur at age of 25th and now it’s about 21 years being a housewife. She’s mom for 5 children which are doing schooling and further studies. She is a very strong and courageous woman entity which always shows authentic personality to her family and society out there. She always been a backbone of her children and her husband. “I will support them no matter what; sacrifices my everything to them because they are my world,” she said. Being housewife isn’t easy actually.

She as a housewife, she works alone, the work starts when she woke up and end when she sleeps, she has no salary, she has no maternity leave, she has no annual leave and she doesn’t often get recognition or appreciation for her work. “But I still there for them because I know that without me they can’t leave,” said Miss Vijaya. As a typical woman she has a lot of dreams, do’s and don’ts and goals. She had manipulated and sacrifices all the thoughts only for her children and husband. During free time, she cooks snacks for her children, doing gardening, doing domestic duties, helps her children to do their school work and help with her husband’s works too. A day will end up in doing nothing for herself; Only superpower women can be a full-time housewife. “I have to cook for my family even I fall for sick, I don’t eat vitamins I give to them, I don’t dress well for figure out myself but love to see them in that way, I don’t eat for myself; I stay alive for them,” she said. Hence, without she, her family will be like a ship without the sailor. Every housewife is outdated, have no connection to the outside world and need to accept the contempt and scorn from typical society just for her family growth and wealth. Finally, “I’m like a candle I burn myself to light up your days please raise me up with your love and care,” she said on behalf of all the housewife in the world. Last but not least peeps out there, make them feel special and proud they are our virtual god. The story about my greatest mom.


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