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THE ART OF PLANTS: Make your hobby your job!

Jane Wong at her booth “The Art of Plants”



BY Maryam Maged. Hassan Abouzaid

THE ART OF PLANTS: Make your hobby your job!

Entrepreneur Profile:

Name: Jane Wong

Company: SCJANE Trading

Business type: Art of Plants

Location: Level 3, The Mines, Jalan Dulang, Mines Wellness City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

SERI KEMBANGAN- The interview with Jane went smooth, fun and easy. Plenty of questions were asked, such as what motivated Jane to start her business, how much does she gain monthly, what products and services does Jane offer to her customers, and ending with an advice Jane gave to anyone who would like to be an entrepreneur.

M-NIAGA: When did you start your business and why?

Jane: “I opened this booth in November 2017, it was after I quit my office job. Basically, what I did is using my hobby that is planting and taking care of plants, as a small business to get profit”.

Jane had previous experiences being an entrepreneur, she had her online Art of Plants business before opening a booth at the Mines Shopping Mall. Her decision to be an entrepreneur came from the idea of doing something she likes for a living.

The products Jane offers

M-NIAGA: What products do you offer?

Jane: For the main product, I sell plants. Other than that, I do sell pots, accessories, tumblers and decoration materials such as paintings”.

Jane business is mostly about plants, and anything related to it. But she stated that she also offers other products such as accessories and decoration materials in order to attract customers

are not be interested in buying plants.

From time to time Jane deals with different suppliers. For plants, she gets them from farmers and plants nurseries around Malaysia, and Jane either buy seeds and plant them or she buys the plants from a nursery. For other products, Jane depends on online suppliers, seeking for special and unique products (pots, accessories and decoration materials).

M-NIAGA: What are the services you offer your customers?

Jane: “One of the most important responsibilities for a business owner is to keep the customers satisfied, and happy with the products. One of the strategies I use is offering various services to help the customers, such as providing advice and ways on how to take care of the plant. I also do offer my customers the chance to change their plant if it’s not growing well, with a charge of RM 10”.

Jane taking care of the plants

M-NIAGA: What challenges do you face in your business?

Jane: “My biggest challenge is maintaining the quality of the plants that I offer to my costumers, through finding a place that is suitable for each plants species, as some plants need direct sunlight, other species need different light conditions. Another challenge and that is true for every business owner, is working hard to satisfy customers no matter what they ask for”.

M-NIAGA: What is the monthly profit you get?

Jane: “So far I get RM 10K a month, but my future target is RM 20K”.

M-NIAGA: and how are you planning to reach 20K?

Jane: “first I’m thinking of opening other two branches, in different shopping malls. And I am also considering to widen my product lists”.

M-NIAGA: How do people know about your business?

Jane: “Currently I adv3ertise about The Art of Plant through Facebook and We Chat, also my customers do recommendations to their friends. I am also planning to create an Instagram account”.

M-NIAGA: What is your advice to anyone who wants to start a business?

Jane: “keep a strong capital, because you don’t know how long you will stay without income’.  “Do a research about the market, find out what people prefer, and do something different’.



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