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Small desserts have great business opportunities

Jazlin and cendol stall


Small desserts have great business opportunities

Serdang cendol opened by UPM students located at FBMK is not only a hot business, but already has 3 branches.

By: Wang Jiaqi

Cendol is a traditional Malaysian dessert. A man just tried his luck at convocation fest in 2014, but due to hot selling, he decided to open a sweet shop, called Serdang Cendol. And now, they have 3 branches and 48 employees.


A freshly made cendol

Their customer group not only students who belong Faculty Morden Language and Communication, but also there are many other faculty staff and lecturers who come here to eat the delicious cendol. About ten different kinds of cendol are sold in the shop, but the most popular is cendol original. The dessert’s original or basic ingredients are coconut milk, jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice, and palm sugar. Original cendol usually served in a tall glass, assembled with liquid gula jawa or palm sugar syrup in the bottom, followed by green jellies, poured with coconut milk, and topped with shaved ice.
They can sell 100 bowls per day, and its mean one day they can earn RM400 for RM2.50 per bowl.

Jazlin and her partner are waiting for the customer spending

Jazlin is a student from Faculty Morden Language and Communication in UPM, and she is also an employee of Serdang Cendol, in her interview with us, he said: “Most of us are students that work as part time workers there, but we have different days to work, as for me, Monday.” Jazlin and her partner are responsible in making the cendol. She loves this work very much, although sometimes she will face some difficulties, such as machine cannot be operating or ingredients does not enough. About this, he said: “Our boss is so dedicated as he will make sure all of the things can be fixed in short time.

When asked why she would choose to join this team, Jazlin replied: “At first,I choose Serdang Cendol just as my side income, but during this process I got to know many things ,such as communication skills in my types of customer . And I also got to taste most delicious cendol in Serdang. This is an experience I have never had before. It has brought me a lot of benefits and is very memorable.”

At the end of the interview, she makes some suggestions for younger entrepreneurs. She said: “I am very supportive of students starting their own business in college and I hope the younger entrepreneurs do not give up although the face fail, because failing is normal things. As long as we persist in facing difficulties, we can see the dawn of victory. And I also encourage them to have their own business, so that they can have stable economy in the future, this will also be your best memory in your memory.”




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