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Mr. Kamran, an employee repairing computer motherboard


Quality Service Providers   

by Saba Urooj  

Kuala Lumpur: ​“to see your business on the higher scale, one should be ready to face setbacks and troubles” said by 28 years old successful entrepreneur. M. Amir has faced a lot of issues regarding his business but these all were the test for his successful future. Now he is exactly where he wanted to see himself few years ago. Searching for a regular job was not easy for him specially as a foreigner which made him a bit confused with his future. Although he faced so many issues that made him worried but he never lose hope and tried his best to become successful.

“I tried many jobs but could not get success than i decided to research market as i was much interested in setting up my own business” he said. Working hard and market research on technology made him realize that only IT business industry suit his skills and has a better scope in Malaysia which, he followed and decided to run his own business and self-employed as an entrepreneur.

Amir and his employees also declare that setting up Telecommunication Solution Centre was challenging but with strong leadership and teamwork, they made it possible and fulfill their mission to become successful and self-sufficient.

Amir named his shop as SAF Solution Centre where people are treated very carefully and patiently because their aim is to provide best customer service. Altogether he has 8 employees who work with their full effort. They have variety of goods and services which include trading of mobile phone and computer accessories.

One of their business strategy made me impressed which was advertising through banners and posters only. If we look at other entrepreneurs they always go for advertising through Facebook, twitter etc. but he thinks differently. At the time of beginning, they decided to put their banners and posters outside the mall as well as at the most crowded area by themselves.

His business strategies made him successful and a better person than yesterday now for future he is planning to make around 10 shops in different cities as he wants to see his business at the top notch in the market. According to him he has achieved 70 percent of his goals and still lacking with 30 percent so he is trying harder every day to complete his goals.

M. Amir, owner of SAF solution centre while being

As a friendly suggestion, he mentioned one should believe themselves first and then look over what they can do, because nothing is impossible it’s just a matter to understand things critically and with full attention. As a person, he is very kind and honest man which made people trust him easily and people also feel comfortable with him.

“Start your day with most challenging task” he said.


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