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He may be deprived but he’s not selfish



He may be deprived but he’s not selfish

By Saba Urooj

Kuala Lumpur: “I don’t know why I have wasted so much time in the financial sector,” by Abd al Sami who is still suffering in his business but trying his hard to become a successful entrepreneur. Sami is very new in any kind of business. He has a potential to get success. He is running a Fragrance shop as a side business. He is a graduated person and much interested to see his business on top. Of course, it’s not an easy task to become a successful entrepreneur but with faith and trust people achieve their goal.

Keeping in touch with what is the new trend and how to attract customer helps Sami to understand what he should do to drive his business and get success. He has advertised in almost all social networks about his business and he got about 50 percent success from advertising. People want to buy reasonable and the most suitable things for them so by looking at this side of customer’s attention many entrepreneurs have achieved their targeted goals.

Sami, while giving details about his product

“I have an account related to my products where I use to see some feedback which help me to revise my product and do necessary changes” he said. He is a student of economics so he understands the depth of how to deal with the most time taking tasks. Since his business is new so it will take some time most probably few years to get success. He is motivated that one day he will make his parents proud as they support him in all walks of life. “when i need an extra push of motivation, I talk to my parents which boost up my strength”. He hopes to make a positive difference in the world.

Successful businessmen always surround themselves with competitive people and always get success. People with this kind of nature are usually sensitive and much caring. Sami is one of them. He always tries to improve his lifestyle and always want to take good things from others. The thought that he is making some positive changes always pushes him to interact with experienced people around him.

A customer while checking out some products at Al Hunud Lal Oud shop (perfume shop)

A businessman should have some knowledge about his competitors, what they are doing and how they use their strategies in business. Although he cannot just steal their ideas or strategies but at least he can get some knowledge that it would help him in future.

Starting up your own business is pretty scary and lonely of course, because you are the one who have decided to make a change. An entrepreneur have to be ready to face challenges, drawbacks and great financial risks. It is a part of business. Apart from these challenges a businessmen also have to face some judgmental statements from customers, partners or Coworkers so an entrepreneur should trust himself or herself than only they can achieve what they desire. Skills and behaviours makes entrepreneur successful. According to a recent survey 6.02 percent adult population owns a business as their main job.

An overview of Al Hunud Lal Oud (perfume shop)

Sami is trying his best to achieve his objectives and by having a look at his work I got to know that he is going to be a well-known and a successful entrepreneur in future as he uses different unique strategies and applying his full effort in his job. Although he is still learning different things as he is new in business.

“Everyday we learn different things as nobody is perfect in his or her job. We are always a student, we have to keep moving forward” he said.




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