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Two Brothers and a Cookie Business



Two Brothers and a Cookie Business

Cookies being mass-produced at Brother’s Bake, Shah Alam.

Byline: Alia Izzati

Brothers Luqman and Ammarworked hand in hand in making their cookie business a reality back in 2017. Today, Brother’s Bake has managed to deliver their scrumptious cookies to over 100 customers per week.

Ammar Abdullah, 21, a student studying Bachelor of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering in Universiti Putra Malaysia said thatthe most difficult part of the process is not being able to cater customer’s requests.Over the past months, Brother’s Bake has received high demands from their customers thus, endless orders has motivated them to bring on another.

In ensuring everything goes smoothly, “we both have different roles to play in managing this business, we understand each other well and divide our responsibilities but most of the time, I would listen to him more as he is the eldest,” Ammar said.

Ammar, one of the founders behind Brother’s Bake cookies’ success.

Luqman Abdullah, 22, also a student studying Bachelor in Accounting in UniversitiSains Islam Malaysia has to travel from Pulau Pinang every weekend in running their cookie business based in Shah Alam. What motivates these brothers to go to and fro from their respective universities is their parents. Both Luqman and Ammar hoped to lessen their parents’ burden as their father suffers from stroke.

Earning themselves incomes, they also hope to provide more opportunities for other students to venture entrepreneurship while studying.

As their business continues to grow, Luqman and Ammar strongly stand on giving affordable prices and high quality bakes using fresh ingredients.Both brothers wish to see themselves owning a restaurant in the near future.

These cookies are well packaged in a zip lock packaging.

Brother’s Bake cookies priced as low as RM5 per 80g and RM10 per 180g.It is available for delivery, place an order via Instagram: @brothers.cookies or WhatsApp +60136383904.



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