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Outer beauty is just as important

Siew Chen promotes Mary Kay products that she used and tested


Outer beauty is just as important


SERDANG, People said inner beauty is the prettiest. But, do we really do not need to care about our outer beauty at all? Let Lee Siew Chen, one of the previous batch of Student Representative Council in Universiti Putra Malaysia will tell you about her beauty entrepreneurship.

She introduced herself as Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. She said, “I have been involved in this beauty entrepreneurship for 3 months. I am considered as a new comer in this beauty field, which means I am still in the learning process. This is my part time business because I am a full time student. Most of the time, I will be fully committed to my studies and my other university’s commitments. It is quite challenging to balance well between business and studies. As both of them have Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to achieve. In studies, I have so many assignments and this year, I am doing my final year project (FYP) as well. While in beauty entrepreneurship, I have my own goals and target to achieve in order for me to get sales and rewards.”

She started this business in beauty because she needs more money to survive. She sad that living cost is so high that she needs to find ways to gain more money to sustain her studies and expenses. Besides, she loves doing business and she loves to socialize with people. She mentioned that, “In business, I will be able to know many people from all walks of life.  From there, I can learn how to communicate and deal with people. It is also because of my passion towards beauty. Business is hard, challenging and complicated. Business do not have easy formula or ladder to climb on the top, you need to endure all the hardships and climb one step by one step to succeed. If it’s easy, I guess everyone will be success easily. So, I need to have concrete reasons for me to hold in this field.

“As I am still a new comer in this beauty entrepreneurship, the income is still could not fully afford all of my needs. I can pay my own bills using the income from this business. Besides, I believe every business has it’s hardships. During the first month in this beauty entrepreneurship, I found it is a little bit difficult for me to promote myself as beauty consultant as I am still new in this field. But slowly from day to day, I gained customers from my consistent and persistent actions in this business.”


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