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Environmental Photo Contest @ Bukit Berapit – Prizes worth RM6000 to be won




It has become the responsibility of humanity to take care of the structure and beauty of the land from being destroyed by men’s negligence. In effort to sustain the nature, there are many ways and methods to inculcate a sense of concern. Thus, the sustainability of beauty and cleanliness of these attractions is our nation’s pride.

This photography competition is based on the concern of Pertubuhan Warisan Alam Sekitar Malaysia (WASM) upon the community apprehension towards the sustainability of the nature by focusing on expressing creative and innovative ideas to document the sustainability of nature as well as preserving the surrounding from pollution.



  • Educate the public about nature literacy and awareness about landscape and ecosystem conservation systematically so that these green treasures are well-preserved.
  • Capture the beauty of these nature treasures visually in form of soft copy so these images can be easily viral through image bank platforms such as 123rf or social medias such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Encourage public participation in organization and communal activity whilst gaining important knowledge about landscape sustainability.
  • This effort benefits those involved and provide positive impact especially on the tourism industry and eco-tourism, beauty of nature as well as the locals.
  • Transform BUKIT BERAPIT as a pioneer heritage site in landscape conservation with its ecosystem being well-maintained.


CONCEPT FOR I was @ Berapit

I WAS is an abbreviation of Imej Warisan Alam Sekitar – Nature Heritage Image

@ is a common symbol for ‘at’

At a glance, I WAS @ simply means “I was at …..”

This concept promotes the Bukit Berapit Tunnel, Perak area as an emerging recreational park which still upholds its beauty and remains as Perak’s valuable heritage and attraction towards tourists.

This phrase can be reused for other locations in effort to rediscover hidden national gems in forms of culture, traditional food, recreational sites, and nature spots e.g. I was @ Hulu Langat, I was @ Chendering.


Date    : 3rd March 2018, Saturday




Bukit Berapit is a highland area and acts as a separator between Bukit Gantang (and the surrounding area like Matang, Taiping, Trong, Kamunting dan others) and Padang Rengas and Kuala Kangsar. It is also located at the border between Kuala Kangsar district dan Larut Matang. The iconic panoramic view includes a stunning waterfall and watercourse located next to the main road; perfect for visitors to set a picnic or enjoy the stream.


  1. Arts of Nature (landscape, water& flora)
  • The images include the surrounding view of the venue, whether it is under the open sky, the tropical jungle, the lush greenery or even the natural stream of water such as the river or lakes.
  • The images can also allude to the crisis of the environment such as the pollution that can only bring the awareness of the audience when they look at the photos
  • This category doesn’t include the image of the animals
  1. Animals (land, air or water)
  • The images include the two or four-legged animals, wild lives, winged animals, insects or even the aquatic lives.
  • The images can be aesthetically captured in some creative photography techniques such as the speed motion for animals who move swiftly, e.g. the birds flipping their wings.
  1. Portraiture
  • The images obviously include talents or models as the foreground and the nature as the background.
  1. Abstract
  • The arts of photography being experimented through the image manipulation such as superimpose/stitch using Photoshop or photo filter effect such as sepia saturation.


  • Open to public and students. Participants need to register online in the form provided, (REGISTRATION FORM) (either students, individuals or associate). Registration for students and individuals are free only for a limited time until 3rd of March 2018 only.
  • 3 maximum entries per person per category but only the best from each category will be judged by concept, aesthetics, title, and caption of image.
  • Must adhere to the theme of the competition, i.e. “Nature Sustainability” with the appropriate title and creative story caption of the photo (between 20-50 words)
  • Must be an original piece straight from lens or manipulated digitally. Contestants must include GPS of where photo was taken (can be done through Whatsapp, Waze or Google Maps application)
  • Free to use any camera medium as long as the image resolution is above 6 megapixels with high resolution (either using DSLR or smart phone cameras)
  • Any entry either partially or fully plagiarized from any resources either electronic or print will be automatically disqualified.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for any legal action taken by any parties upon plagiarized pieces.
  • All photos taken must be sent digitally with high resolution in .jpg format with more than 1.2MB and to be uploaded to the portal : http://iwascontest.wasm.org.my/iwasberapit
  • There are 4 categories for this competition: 1) arts of nature (landscape, water & flora) 2) animals (land, air, water) 3) portraiture (models as foreground) and 4) abstract
  • For the portraiture category, talents or models are at the photographer’s own initiative. Judging will not be based on models’ facial or physical attributes but more towards the message being delivered.
  • Manipulation techniques are only applied for the Abstract category and allowed high-end graphic manipulation techniques and special effects available in graphic applications such as Photoshop. However, only basic manipulation such as saturation, sharpness or color correction is allowed in other categories.
  • Prizes are not accordance to categories (all photos are judged as a whole) however there is a special prize for ‘Most Liked’ on social media.
  • Photos can be sent by uploading the image on iwascontest.wasm.org beginning 1st February 2018 and will be closed at 11:59am 3rd March 2018. Contestants can begin registering now.
  • Results by juries are FINAL. Comments and appeals will not be entertained. The organization will impose disciplinary action upon negative comments on social media.
  • The organizer has all the rights upon all works submitted for the competition.
  • Contestants will need to bear the production of artwork at their own cost.
  • Organizers will not be liable for pieces which did not reach organizer, missing or faced technical problems during delivery.


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