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Come to STREAM to experience a new and exciting way to conduct your Seminars, Training, Retreat, Exhibitions, Activities and Meetings



STREAM features the following:

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1.    Dataran Laksamana, a plenary Centre Court where everyone comes together. 
2.    Thematic meeting rooms designed to create different environments where you can… 
  • Rethink @ The Lounge
  • Relearn @ The Library,
  • Reflect @ The Boardroom and
  • Reenergise @ The Playroom.  

We encourage our guests to maximise the use of these thematic rooms to experience the effect of different environments on the quality of discussions, brainstorming and problem solving.

Rethink @ The LoungeRelearn @ The Library

Reflect @ The Boardroom

Reenergise @ The Playroom

3.    Laman Zam Zam, a beautifully landscaped surrounding with wide open space for outdoor discussions and brainstorming.  Enjoy the fresh air and connect with nature to improve your general health, concentration and allow your creativity to come forward.

4.    Chic, modern and practical accommodation for up to 58 pax.

And for refreshments, you can Refuel @ The Diner

Location: Lot 1878, Batu 20, Jalan Sungai Lui, Hulu Langat, Selangor

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