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Father of Three Quits His Day Job and Now Owns a Successful Coffee Business


By: Embren Batrisyia Zainourudin & Nur Marlina binti Kamal

Coffee seems to be the latest craze amongst youngsters in Malaysia. It seems that we are not short of the sight of a group of teenagers enjoying a big plastic cup of a coffee and teas . However, these youngsters are not aware of the risks of these beverages that might contain synthetic ingredients and high sugar contents. Che Mohd Nor bin Che Lah, owner and founder of Agross Coffee is determined to jump on the bandwagon of this coffee scene but has bigger ideas for his business as he wants to provide better solutions for all the coffee lovers out there.

A loving husband and father of 3 beautiful children, Che Mohd Nor quit his job in 2013 at a coffee factory to pursue his own coffee business in Bangi, now their headquarters resides at Bandar Baru Enstek in Negeri Sembilan. His two main products consist of a premix coffee pack and bottled coffee drinks. What makes his premix coffee different and are able to compete with other leading brands is that unlike other premix coffee, Agros coffee uses 100% Robusta coffee beans without any emulsifier or preservatives. Its finest powdered mixture promises a smooth and luxurious tasting coffee. Not only Agros coffee contains antioxidants, but it also has the most delightful fragrance that calls for another round every time.

Che mohd Nor is a risk taker and a smart entrepreneur as he takes grabs every opportunity that comes his way and he understand that social media plays an important role in today’s society. Therefore, he reaches out to his customers through various social media platform such as their own website, Instagram, and Facebook. He claims that through these medias, not only customers can interact directly with their staffs, but they can see any updates and announcements as well as feedbacks from other customers.

Any business man is indifferent from the many obstacles that will come their way as they pave their way to success. Che Mohd Nor started his business with a capital of RM100 and endured many challenges such as marketing and distributions. However, with the help of his team and endless support from his family he managed to keep his business going strong and able to come out on top. He regarded his highest achievement is when he was interviewed by BernamaTV. He felt that it was a stepping stone to promote his coffee to a wider targeted customers and to bring his business even further.

“Sometimes we are confronted with doubts when we want to start up a business, but I implore everyone to be confident to start your own business, don’t overthink it”. Che Mohd Nor answered when asked about his advice to any youngsters out there who wants to be an entrepreneur.

Agros Coffee 100% certified Halal by JAKIM and now has 158 kiosks in Malaysia and more than 421 distributors. He looks forward to expand his business worldwide. Order your own Agros Coffee now at  http://www.agrosbrand.com.my/


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