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Terrarium: The new agri-business craze amongst youth.


By: Embren Batrisyia Zainourudin (184508)

One would start to wonder what is a Terrarium upon hearing it for the first time. This bizarre new word is the latest favorites especially among youth or generally anyone who has an eager liking for interior decorations. Terrarium, also known as a miniature garden, lives up to its name by revolving around the theme of creating a small man-made garden inside a small aquarium or a small glass casing. It comprises a few important elements such as succulent plants, soil, microbe soil, pebbles, sand, and charcoal that will be placed aesthetically inside a glass casing to appear as a small garden. Although the process of designing one’s own terrarium seems like an easy feat, it requires the utmost attention to detail of which only someone with true skills and genuine passion for terrarium designs to be able to produce a terrarium product that not only has personality but a certain appeal for the buyers.

Taking advantage of the agricultural produce and implementing it into these affordable and eye catching products with and affordable price is a remarkable take in creating a business that will definitely receive a huge profit, taking into consideration how youths nowadays are inclined to follow new trends and are more and more fond of finding rare items to be a part of their collection.

The modal needed for these kind of business are affordable for anyone who are interested to join as the items needed to create these Terrariums can be bought at a low price. Soil for that matter, are needed accordingly to the size of the aquarium which is often relatively small. Hence, one bag of soil, pebbles and sand is already sufficient to attend to many orders from the customer.

Social media have been a great platform to bring forth business to the masses, and terrariums have definitely not missed out on this opportunity. Customers can find many Instagram and Facebook accounts that caters to provide beautiful terrarium designs to its customers. Instagram, for example is great avenue to showcase these terrariums especially with the help of professional photography in order to highlight its beauty in the sense of a branch in the interior decoration arena. Customers can make their first purchase through @jarijungle on Instagram that is based in Malaysia.

Customers do not have to fret as in the maintenance and care of these Terrariums as they do not need much sunlight, and water as other plants. A good wipe on its glass casing and just a few spritz of water every once or twice a day is all that is needed to keep your Terrarium looking new and a sure eye catcher in everyone’s houses.



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