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How to make coffee perfect? Find your answer in PERFETTO


Iced coffee serving in PERFETTO Coffee House, which opens from 9am to 6pm, Mon to Sat

Perfetto, meaning perfect in Italian, which Nadia, believe that everyone should deserve a perfect customized coffee.

PERFECTTO Coffee House, which selling primarily caffeine beverages at Academic Complex A in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), was organized by Adee Nadia Deelaila Ngadiman (Nadia), 23, who currently taking English Master program in the university, and her partner, Mohd Azreai.

Secret recipe of a quality cup of coffee

The main ingredient for cold caffeine beverages was coffee syrup, instead of coffee powder. This was because it could give better result in producing desired coffee flavor. “Like the one in Starbucks, they use it to cook own flavor which is more concentrated,” explained Nadia. The ingredient could be blended fully with just cold water, without leaving residues at the bottom of cup.  Thus, the tastiness of the drinks could be maintained.

Nadia (right) snapping photo with her customer


Always asking feedbacks from customers was another significant strategy for Nadia to maintain the quality of coffee. “How’s my coffee today?” was what she would ask them to know if the taste remained or turned bitter. As she knew that, “No matter how good you are, you will make mistake.”

Interacting with customers was also important in marketing own products. Since her target customers were mainly students, thus keeping an eye on the youth trends would help attracting them to visit frequently. Some requests from customers had also been considered by Nadia, like attaching brand stickers on products and increasing choices of menu. By investing in new facilities, included coffee machine and waffle machine, more types of food and beverages were provided to satisfy the demands of customers.

Nadia making iced coffee ordered by her customer


While asking about why she had the idea of running coffee business, she answered that, “that is something that I know, that’s why I think I can do coffee.” With two-years-experience in working as a Coffee Bean’s barista, Nadia decided to continue making coffee, and at the same time polished her previous knowledge and skills.

“Polishing skills is basically making diamond out of charcoal,” told Nadia, “You have to maintain, and at the same time, keep going upward.” In order to improve the products, she would explore new ideas, like adding fruits flavor into coffee. Although the success of result was not guaranteed for every trial, sometimes it would turn into something amazing, which worth trying for. Besides coffee, she would like to explore different regions, as she also had deep interest in food, such as cake and spaghetti.  “For right now, I know I can bake and cook, and I plan to expand that region,” shared Nadia.

For her, running PERFETTO was not just about doing business, but also exploring knowledge and interests in different fields.

Waffles available in various flavors included peanut, chocolate, butter and so on.

Byline: Loo Mei Yee


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