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Roti Maria

Perniagaan Sri Samudera Desa, Lot 2881, Roti Maria, Kampung Sungai Mahang, 71600 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, 71600

We always produce healthy halal homemade bread fresh from our oven just for you to enjoy. It’s the simplest love from us to all.

This company produced 24 types of buns, cookies, muffins, cakes, wedding cakes and lots more. ROTI MARIA also trained students from universities in many aspects especially in business and entrepreneurship such as: USIM, UTM, PUNB, UITM, UIA and more. This company give some talks regarding business which start from zero to hero. The owner of this company is Mr. Baudin bin Jaksis. Madam Maria is actually Bausin’s wife. She is the inspiration for Mr. Baudin to work on his dreams to have one big factory which produces bakery products. Well Done!

Our Mission: Produce Halal and Fresh buns to all houses


1. Won the competition with collaboration from SME and USIM
2. MOA grants for machinery
3. SME grant for building and construction
4. logo Halal JAKIM
5. Bar Code
6. SIRIM for food quality and packaging
9. MAHA2014

Contact: 0166567016 / 0193760977 / 0164212426

Email: zainab.baudin@gmail.com

Blogspot: http://yanabaudinrotimaria.blogspot.com

Roti Maria 1 Roti Maria 2 Roti Maria 3 Roti Maria 4 Roti Maria 5


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